If you enjoyed viewing my work and would like to hire me for that special event or even just for a basic headshot, I would love to help you out!

My rates and options are listed below. Please keep in mind that, although I may only be with you for a few hours, the work involved to finish and print the photos usually takes longer than the shoot itself.

All rates quoted are based on time shooting only. Any work done to finish them is on my own time. All non-wedding events or studio work include a disc with all images.

Please contact me for booking information.


Events or Studio Work:


Weddings (3-hour, no reception):


Weddings (3-hour, with 4-hour reception):



Standard Prints:

4x6: $1.00

8-wallets: $10.00

2 - 5x7: $10.00

8x10: $10.00

12x12: $30.00

16x20: $60.00

24x24: $90.00

20x30: $90.00

Custom Prints/Options:

16x20 Canvas: $100.00

20x20 Canvas: $120.00

20x30 Canvas: $150.00

12x12 3/8" face-mount acrylic: $100.00

16x24 3/8" face-mount acrylic: $250.00

20x30 3/8" face-mount acrylic: $350.00

Custom-made album: $350.00

DVD with full resolution images (with release form): $500.00